Raw Cashew Nut

The cashew seed is often considered a nut in the culinary sense. This cashew nut is eaten on its own, used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter. Cashew is one of India's major foreign exchange earners. The processing capacity in India exceeds its crops, and so it imports a lot of raw cashew nuts. We import our raw cashews from Africa and Indonesia.

Steel and Metal Scraps

We also import Steel and Metal Scraps like Heavy Melting Steel, Structural scrap, Copper scrap as per customer demand.


We import White Garlic in 20 Kg Mesh bags. It is available in 4.5 CM, 5.0 CM. 5.5 CM and 6.0 CM sizes. The shipments are normally in 1x40ft reefer containers of 28-30mts.