Block Pepper Powder
Black Pepper seeds

The Best Quality of Pepper Selected from the field, purified, ground and packed hygienically. The packing is tamper proof which helps to increase the shelf life and maintain the AROMA

Available Sizes

Packing Available in Different Sizes

Medicinal Benefits of Black Pepper

It is a good stimulant of the digestive juices as well as the nerves, remedy for digestive disorders. It is prescribed for illnesses such as constipation, diarrhea, earache, gangrene, heart disease, hernia, hoarseness, indigestion, insect bites, insomnia, joint pain, liver problems, lung disease, oral abscesses, sunburn, tooth decay, and toothaches. It has been shown that piperine can dramatically increase absorption of selenium, vitamin B and beta-carotene as well as other nutrients. Smearing a paste of pepper corns on affected parts provides respite from all kinds of pain and swellings. They have been used as carminative, reducing stomach and intestinal gas and have been found to stimulate the activities of the heart and kidneys. Piperine is also an effective insecticide against houseflies and is also used for spraying against different types of pests in garden. It proves useful also in cases of old and weak people suffering from descent of the rectum.
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