Dry Mango Powder

Dry Mango

The Best Quality of Dry Mango Selected from the field purified ground and packed hygienically. The packing is tamper proof which helps to increase the shelf life and maintain the AROMA.

Available Sizes

Packing Available in Different Sizes

Direction for Use

Dry Mango can be used instead of tamarind or citric acid while preparing a variety of delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Medicinal Benefits of Amchur / Mango Powder

The leaves, the bark, its resin, the flowers, the fruit, the seed, all are utilized. The unripe fruit is acidic, astringent and antiscorbutic, and in the dried condition, amchur is particularly useful for the latter purpose. Of the mango’s other properties, its dyeing quality is of interest. In India, cattle are fed on mango leaves and their urine is used as a yellow dye, the active principle in this being xanthone. Needless to say, the fabric treated thus has its own special bouquet.

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